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Los Angeles Airport

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Los Angeles Airport, located about 25 kilometres southwest of downtown, is the fifth largest and busiest airport in the world. American Airlines, United Airlines and Delta Air Lines have their bases here.

At the airport you will find a wide range of shops with a wide range of goods, restaurants, cafes, fast food and grocery stores. There are ATMs, exchange offices, police and medical services, assistance services for the disabled, rooms for mothers with children and rooms for rest of travelers with animals.

The airport complex is really big, including nine terminals, 8 national and 1 international. The layout of the terminals looks like the letter “U”, so the distances between them are rather short.

Most of the world’s major airlines fly to Los Angeles, with American Airlines, United, Delta and Southwest Airlines having bases here.

The only direct flights from the UK to Los Angeles (LAX) Airport depart from London Heathrow by major airlines such as British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines or United Airlines with standard fares being around £330.

For a bit higher, yet still reasonable price and 1 layover it is also possible to fly from Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh or Glasgow.

Los Angeles (LAX) airport is open 24/7.

Los Angeles Airport Transit

Each terminal is connected to its neighbouring (with the exception of Terminal 1) at the landside zone (before the security check). You can move between the terminals either on foot or by a free shuttle bus, departing every 5 minutes from right outside the terminal. As with all US airports, a purely international transfer (such as London - Los Angeles - Lima) requires you to pick up your luggage, go through immigration and check-in again. For this reason, you must hold an ESTA electronic permit to enter the United States (apply & purchase here). It is ideal to leave at least 3 hours for a safe transfer. In addition, during a domestic transfer, you can move between terminals 4, 5 and 6 through an underground pedestrian tunnel without leaving the transit area and going through security again. Also, there is a Delta bus running within the transit airside zone between terminals 2 and 3.

Los Angeles Airport Transfer


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Free unlimited connection available, however network may lag from time to time during busy hours. There are additional internet kiosk available in each terminal (for a fee). WiFi Availability
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