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The largest airport in the Hawaiian Islands is located about 10 kilometres from the capital Honolulu on the island of Oahu and belongs among one of the busiest in the United States. In addition to very dense connections to the surrounding islands (flights several times an hour) and to the mainland USA, Honolulu Airport is also popular with many Asian airlines, especially from Japan and Korea.

At the airport, you will find a wide selection of fast-food chains, cafes, luxury fashion shops, currency exchange booths, ATMs or Lai Greeting (flower garlands) from 6:00 – 22:00 on the left side of the airport entry road before Terminal 1 or from flower shops in T1 (Gate A18) or in T2 (Gates F1, F2, E1, E2).

There are no direct flights to Honolulu from the UK. You can, however, fly for example from London with WestJet, JAL, Air Canada or United Airlines for prices between £700-£1000 and with 1 layover. The journey takes from around 18 – 25 hours, depending on the lenght of layover.

The Honolulu Airport terminal is open from 5:00 to 22:00, passengers with a valid ticket can only spend the night in a reserved area near “Lobby 5”.

Honolulu Airport Transit

There are 3 terminals at the airport, with the main one used for flights to the USA, Asia and Australia and 2 smaller terminals for domestic (within islands) flights and small airlines. There is a free shuttle bus called Wiki-Wiki shuttle) running between the Main Terminal and Hawaiian Airlines terminal for flights within the islands. The Commuter Terminal, used mostly by Mokulele and Island Air airlines can only be reached by foot. During your transfer to a domestic flight, you will have to pick up your luggage after arrival and check-in again. The recommended transfer time is at least 2 hours.

Honolulu Airport Transfer


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Free unlimited connection available (with advertisements), high-speed WiFi available for a fee WiFi Availability
Available at Terminal 2 in front of Carousel 18, daily from 8:00 - 19:00. $12 - $20 USD / day depending on size of the luggage. It is also possible to rent Beach chair, Beach Umbrella, Boogie Board, Stroller or Car Seat. Left Baggage