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Miami International Airport, located in the state of Florida, serves mainly as an airport to South Florida and a hub for flights between North and Latin America. It is the second main gateway to the United States, handling around 30 million passengers a year. You can fly to about 70 world cities in Europe, North and South America and Asia from Miami Airport.

The airport is also the second-largest base for the world’s largest airline American Airlines.

At the airport, you will find a range of duty-free shops with a wide range of goods, cafes, restaurants, fast food and bars. The airport has ATMs, exchange offices, postal services, assistance services for children and the disabled, translation services into selected languages, medical service, quiet restrooms for families with children, travellers with pets or those who want to exercise yoga in peace.

The airport also has several VIP lounges, an electronic charging station, luggage storage and a spa. Spa centres offering massages, manicures and pedicures on the 2nd floors of the South Terminal H and J.

Direct flights from London are provided by Virgin Atlantic, British Airways or American Airlines for a standard price around £330. The journey takes 10 hours.

There are no direct flights from Manchester. You may, however, choose flights with 1 layover for example with British Airways, Air France, TAP Air Portugal or Lufthansa.

Miami airport is open 24/7.

Miami Airport Transit

The airport has 3 terminals, however, all of them are basically 'under one roof'. You can change the terminals only on foot. As with all American airports, even if you are just transferring at the airport and flying to another country (purely international flights such as London - Miami - Havana), it is necessary to pick up your luggage, pass the immigration check and check-in again to your next flight. A valid ESTA visa is therefore required for the transfer as well.

Miami Airport Transfer


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Free Wi-Fi with advertisements, or $4.95 USD for standart package, $7.95 USD for premium package. WiFi Availability
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