8 reasons to visit Cape Verde all year round

Cape Verde

Are you looking for a destination for your vacation that offers lots of activities and beautiful beaches at the same time? Where is the sunny weather almost all year round and you and your children will not be bored here? Then the Cape Verde Islands should not escape your attention. Ten islands located in the Atlantic Ocean off the west coast of North Africa, whose popularity is slowly but surely growing. Why is that so?

Great weather all year round

The flight time to Cape Verde is around 6 hours. This is one of the nearest exotic destinations where you can warm up during our winter. Thanks to the absence of mass tourism, beaches are still half-empty, so a holiday in the Cape Verde Islands is the real relaxation.

There is year-round sunny weather with the chance of cooling in the mountains with temperatures in Cape Verde range between 24-38 ° C.

The rainy season, which lasts from July to November, brings only occasional torrential rains with predominantly sunny days. Apart from the rainiest September, you can visit Cape Verde without any worries all year round. Those who do not tolerate heat can cool off in the mountains, where the temperature is lower.

A unique landscape

The unique dried-up mountainous landscape created by volcanic activity with its mystical impression will enchant every visitor. Everything is dominated by the volcano and the highest mountain of Cape Verde – Pico do Fogo, which lies on the island of the same name Fogo (Portuguese “fire”). You will need 3-6 hours to ascend and descend, depending on your physical condition. You can arrange a guide to help you reach the peak, from which you will also learn a lot of interesting information.

Other natural attractions are the salt pans near the village of Pedra de Lume, located on the island of Sal. The locals call them “Salinas” and salt was mined here until the 18th century. Today it serves only as a tourist attraction with a possibility to experience swimming/floating in salt lakes (recommended!). It is also interesting that the basins, surrounded by mountains and separated by stone walls, have a remarkable pink, green or blue colour, depending on how old they are.

Do you prefer greener nature? You will also find it here in Cape Verde. Follow it to Santo Antao Island, where you will find tropical greenery and majestic mountains. You can go on a trek through terraced fields and mountain villages, where tradition and simple way of life still prevail.

It is also worth seeing the breathtaking Buracona Bay on the island of Sal, Table Mountain Monte Verde and the historic town of Cidade Velha.

Rich underwater life

Hawksbill Turtle in Cape Verde

In addition to the unique landscape and beautiful nature, Cape Verde also boasts a rich underwater life. The local sea is home to 5 species of turtles and 639 species of fish, including manta rays, whales and dolphins. The largest occurrence of marine animals is around the islands of Boa Vista, Sal and Maio, where you can find a wide range of trips to observe them.

Sailing, surfing and relaxing on the beach

From December to June, a strong wind blows on the islands, which the locals call “harmattan”. Apart from the sand from the Sahara, it brings great conditions for surfing and sailing. Not a fan of any water sport? No worries, on the islands you will find less windy areas with beautiful beaches with fine white sand, where you can relax in the shade of palm trees for the whole stay.

Local music

Cape Verde is home not only to exotic animals but also to the unique moral musical style made famous by the singer Cesaria Évora. In many places, especially in her hometown of Mindelo on the island of Sao Vicente, you will find cafes, restaurants and bars playing rhythmic tones that will definitely not leave you cold. The pleasantly relaxed island atmosphere is complemented by street artists of all kinds.

Monuments from the period of colonization and varied culture

cape verde fortress

The Cape Verde Islands have been uninhabited for quite some time. That changed in the 15th century with the arrival of the first Portuguese sailors. They gave the islands their name and the foundations of a culture whose remains can be found here to this day. Cape Verde has also been influenced by the culture of West Africa and other European countries, making the islands a truly diverse mix of architecture, traditions and customs.

Great cuisine full of fish and other seafood

And finally, something you will enjoy the whole holiday – great food! Tuna, lobsters and crawfish are mainly caught in the waters around the islands. But you can also enjoy other types of fish and seafood, fresh mangoes, coconuts and bananas, dates and other exotic fruits, which will be a great dessert after a delicious lunch or dinner.

Currently, the only direct flights to Cape Verde are offered by TUI airlines. There are departures available from both London Gatwick and Manchester. You can book the flights on their website.


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