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San Jose International Airport, the main airport to Silicon Valley is located in the city about 6 km from its centre and around 20 -25 km from Mountain View and Palo Alto.

The airport serves mostly a very dense network of domestic routes as well as direct flight routes from London, Frankfurt, Japan, China and Mexico.

Apart from few fastfoods (Chick-fil-A, Sushi, Starbucks) there are not many restaurants available at the San Jose Airport. Still, you will find Hudson (snacks&news) shops in both terminals, ATMs near Gates 6, 10, 13, 15, 19, 26 and Baggage Claim or ‘Power Suite’ zone with comfortable seating and work stations with built-in power outlets near gagtes 7a, 9, 18 and 28.

The only direct return flights from the UK (London – Heathrow) to San Jose are with British Airways for prices in the range between £350-£430. The flight takes around 11 hours.

San Jose Airport is open 24/7.

Mineta San Jose International Airport Transit

Due to limited development possibilities, the airport remains relatively small with two terminals (A and B) with a connecting corridor between them (at the airside part of the airport). You can walk from one end of the airport to the other in about 15 - 20 minutes. The recommended transfer time is at least 2 - 2.5 hours. As with all American airports, even if you are just transferring at the airport and flying to another country it is necessary to pick up your luggage, pass the immigration check and check-in again to your next flight. A valid ESTA visa is therefore required for the transfer as well.

Mineta San Jose International Airport Transfer


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