London Stansted Airport

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London’s third-largest airport is about halfway between Cambridge and London. The airport handles mostly low-cost flights. It is a hub for Ryanair and a base for, TUI Airways and Titan Airways.

Stansted was originally built by the US military as a base for fighter jets and played a significant role in the Battle of Normandy.

The airport offers a wide range of services from shops, cafes, restaurants to practical services such as luggage storage, information, ATMs, exchange offices, charging stations for electronics and computers for work. There are plenty of car rentals to choose from

The airport is open between 2:00 – 00:00, with shops inside being generally open from 4:00 – 22:00. Some of them may stay open all night.

London Stansted Airport Transit

There is only 1 terminal at London Stansted Airport. Due to the prevailing low-cost traffic, you can use mostly non-guaranteed transfers at Stansted. When changing your flight, you must always go through passport control, leave the transit area and return to the gates through the departure hall and security hall. The minimum net time that can be walked after arriving from the aircraft to the second aircraft on departure is about 50 minutes. Due to this, do not leave less than 3 hours for an unguaranteed transfer.  

London Stansted Airport Transfer


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Available in the Arrival hall. Open 24/7. £3 per 24h Left Baggage