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Rome Fiumicino Airport

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The largest and one of the busiest airports in Europe. The Fiumicino airport, located 31km from Rome is home base for Italy owned Alitalia airlines.

The airport is a hub for flight connections to Asia, Africa and both North and South America. There are 3 terminals ( called T1 and T3 and T5) in Fiumicino airport. Both T1 and T3 are in the same building and connected to each other, T5 is separated from these 2 and is mostly used for USA departures. Check-ins are however being made from T3 and passangers are using a free, 3 minutes shuttle train to T5 afterwards.

The airport is open 24/7.

Rome Fiumicino Airport Transit

As T1 and T3 are connected to each other, transit is possible by foot within the transit zone. Allow atleast 45 minutes between your connection flights. T5 is in a seperate building and a short 3 minutes train shuttle is required. Allow atleast 1 hour to transit.

Rome Fiumicino Airport Transfer


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11:04 Local time
22 °C Local weather
Unlimited Connection Available WiFi Availability
T3 Arrival Hall. 10€ / 24 hours. Open 6:30 - 23:30 Left Baggage