Which airlines serve the best drinks on board?

air france champagne

Air travel can often be a mundane experience, but some airlines are elevating the journey to new heights with their exceptional selection of fine wines. The act of savouring a glass of high-quality wine, champagne or whiskey while cruising at 35,000 feet can transform your flight into a memorable gastronomic adventure. Whether you’re a casual wine enthusiast or a seasoned connoisseur, the opportunity to sample world-class wines and champagnes in the sky is a unique experience that shouldn’t be missed.

Several airlines have recognized the value of offering top-notch drinks to their passengers, curating selections that rival those found in prestigious restaurants and wine cellars. These airlines go the extra mile, providing not just a means of transportation, but a comprehensive sensory experience. From the pop of a champagne cork to the rich aroma of a full-bodied red, these airborne wine tastings are a testament to the airlines’ commitment to passenger satisfaction. So, the next time you fly, consider exploring the wine list – it might just be the highlight of your trip.


Middle Eastern airlines are known for their generous offerings of fine wines. If you’re travelling in business or first class, you can look forward to savouring French champagne or a cool bellini. A selection of white and red wines from France and Italy are also available. Australian wines, including the Clare Valley Grosset and a red from Yarra, are featured as well. For passengers in first class and The Residence, which is an even more luxurious travel class, there’s the added option of Duval-Leroy rosé champagne.

Singapore Airlines

Did you know that the taste of everything, including wine, changes at high altitudes? Singapore Airlines takes this into account by inviting top experts, such as wine authority Oz Clarke, to sample over 1,000 wines each year. These tastings take place under cabin pressure conditions to ensure the selected wines still deliver their best flavours during the flight.


Emirates, the Dubai-based airline, holds the unique privilege of serving Dom Pérignon, a champagne that’s often associated with luxury and extravagance. In fact, it’s the only commercial airline that offers its passengers Moët & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, and Dom Pérignon. Dom Pérignon is available in first class on all global routes.

Emirates bar
Bar on board of Emirates aircraft

Meanwhile, business class passengers on routes to the Americas, UK, and Europe can enjoy Veuve Clicquot. Moët & Chandon is served on routes to Africa, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific. Even economy class passengers have the option to purchase Moët & Chandon on selected flights. Emirates ensures a diverse wine experience across all classes by rotating their wine selection every three months. This way, frequent flyers always have something new to look forward to.

Air France

How about an airline that offers champagne to all passengers, regardless of their travel class? That’s right, and it’s genuine champagne, not just any sparkling wine. Champagne, a timeless emblem of elegance, has been a sparkling representation of France’s refined identity for hundreds of years. On all long-haul flights operated by Air France, champagne is readily available. The premium, vintage bottles are reserved for those seated in the front of the plane.

While the airline used to serve both Dom Pérignon and Krug, Dom is now exclusively offered on Emirates flights. Instead, Singapore Airlines now welcomes its first class and Suite passengers to explore the First Class Champagne Cellar, which boasts a selection of five rare champagnes. These exclusive champagnes are rotated and served alongside the airline’s signature Prestige Cuvées, Krug Grande Cuvées, and Taittinger Comtes de Champagne.


Serving drinks on Qantas flight

The flying kangaroo is a strong advocate for Australian wine, highlighting the variety of local wines across different types, regions, and wineries. The selection is carefully put together by the Qantas Wine Panel, a group that evaluates thousands of wines annually. Passengers in first and business class can look forward to champagne, followed by a selection from an award-winning wine cellar, to perfectly pair with their meals crafted by Neil Perry.

Japan Airlines

Passengers flying business and first class on JAL have the luxury of savouring a martini, bloody mary, or Galibardi, a refreshing mix of Campari and orange juice. For those in first class, the airline offers the exclusive 2008 Billecart Salmon and 2013 Champagne Salon on flights heading to Japan. Regardless of the class, passengers can relish in the taste of Japanese beer, sake, and plum wine. A noteworthy feature of JAL’s service is the availability of non-alcoholic beer in all cabins and non-alcoholic sparkling wine for those seated in the front of the plane.


Japanese whisky is not to be taken lightly. The famed Suntory Hibiki whisky from Japan is in such high demand that it’s currently facing a worldwide shortage. However, passengers flying business and first class on ANA flights have the exclusive opportunity to taste Suntory’s Hibiki 17-year-old and 21-year-old whisky. As a country with a deep appreciation for whisky, Japan also offers Talisker 18-year-old and Johnnie Walker Blue on these flights, accompanied by premium sake and shochu.

For those who prefer champagne, ANA has you covered. The airline serves Krug and vintage Deutz Blanc de Blanc in the front of the plane. To round off the experience, passengers can also enjoy a selection of white wine, red wine, and sherry.


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