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A privately owned, very picturesque Koh Samui Airport, surrounded by exotic nature is located right on the island of Ko Samui 2km north of the main city. The airport was built by Bangkok Airways in 2008 and became one of their hubs since then.

Till the pandemic in 2020-21, over 1.2m passengers passed through this airport every year.

There are no direct flights to the airport from the UK, however, with the combination of any direct flight to Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Chengdu (China), Malaysian Kuala Lumpur airports and a connection from those cities (mostly Bangkok, Thai Airways), it is manageable to reach the destination with only 1 stopover.

Koh Samui Airport Facilities 

There aren’t many facilities available at the Koh Samui Airport mainly due to being a final destination airport, mostly for holidaymakers. You can, however, find here a few boutiques, cafés or restaurants as well as a Thompson shop, a pub,  pizzeria or some memorabilia shops outside. If you are a Bangkok Airways passengers, you may look forward to complimentary snacks and free Wi-Fi service. For families with small children, there is also a small play area outside the terminal to shorten the time waiting for your flight.

Koh Samui Airport Left Luggage

There is no left luggage or any baggage storage service available at the Koh Samui Airport, mostly due to lack of need. If you need to check out early from your hotel and still want to wander around till your flights are due, there is usually no problem of asking the hotel staff to keep your baggage safe for the rest of the day near the reception counter.

Samui Park Avenue. You’ll find here a good choice of plush boutiques, cafés, and restaurants. Those include a Jim Thompson shop, a Bookazine branch, a pub, and a pizzeria. It’s pretty upmarket, sometimes hosting live jazz music.

The airport is open daily between 08:00 – 17:00.

Koh Samui Airport Transit

Koh Samui Airport (USM) is used mainly as a holidaymakers’ final destination, therefore there are no connections at this airport.

Koh Samui Airport Transfer


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17:19 Local time
29 °C Local weather
Only inside the airport VIP lounge area WiFi Availability
Not Available Left Baggage