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St. Petersburg Pulkovo Airport

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The Pulkovo Airport, the 3rd largest airport in Russia, located 23km south of St. Petersburg is the main hub to Rossiya airlines and a hub to Aeroflot. It serves mostly domestic flights, however, long-haul international flights are not an exception.

The St. Petersburg airport handles around 20 milion passengers a year. There are standart shopping and dining possibilities at the airport, including large western fast-food chains and cafes at both before and after security zones. You can also find Baggage storage, Vip Lounges or Children’s play areas at the airport.

The only direct flights from the UK to St. Petersburg are with WizzAir from London Luton (from as cheap as £40 for a return ticket) or with Aeroflot from London Gatwick (around £150 for a return ticket).

Flights from other UK cities with major airlines are from around £170 with 1 layover and at least 5.5 hour travel time.

The airport is open 24/7.

St. Petersburg Pulkovo Airport Transit

There are 2 terminals at St. Petersburg Pulkovo Airport, the terminal 2 however, is used only for government officials and VIP passengers. Terminal 1 is then used by regular passengers. The terminal is spacious and well sign-posted with relatively quick check-ins and a large number of passport check booths. Allow at least 1 hour when transiting from international to domestic flights and at least 45 minutes on two international flights transits.

St. Petersburg Pulkovo Airport Transfer


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