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Moscow Domodedovo Airport is the largest Russian airport, located 40km southeast from Moscow, handling over 30 million passengers a year. It is a hub to S7 Airlines and VIM Airlines, handles international flights as well as flights from all Russian regions.

There are currently 2 terminals, with 3rd planned to be built. T1 and T2, however, form a single terminal entity because of the adoption of concept ‘under one roof’ familiar to some European airports such as Amsterdam Schiphol.

There are regular services available at the Domodedovo Airport such as restaurants, cafes, fast-foods, bars, duty-free shops, charging stations, children’s playrooms or smoking areas.

The only airline flying directly from the UK (London Heathrow) to Domodevovo is British Airways, costing around £230 for a return ticket, with up to 4 hours flight time.

Other airlines operate flights to DME with 1 layover departing from other UK’s international airports from about £150 for a return ticket with the journey taking at least 6 hours.

The airport is open 24/7.

Moscow Domodedovo Airport Transit

The airport is separated onto an international and domestic part. Allow at least 1 hour for your transfer. You do not need to hold a visa for transfer between two international flights. There are handy instructions with some maps on how to transfer at the bottom of their official website page.

Moscow Domodedovo Airport Transfer


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11:26 Local time
21 °C Local weather
Free unlimited connection available WiFi Availability
Located in Arrival's ground floor. Open 24/7. 500 RUB(~£6)/24 hours. Left Baggage