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Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport, located 34km north of Moscow is the main gateway to whole Russia for international flights from the west and the busiest airport in Russia and 8th busiest in Europe.

The airport with 6 terminals in total, originally built as a military airbase during the Soviet era and converted into a civilian airport in 1959.

Currently, it handles around 50 million passengers a year serving around 200 different destinations.

Compared to previous years, the airport has picked up and improved its services significantly at most of its terminals.

Sheremetyevo Airport offers high amount of shopping and dining possibilities including international fast-food chains. ATM’s, Spa area, VIP Lounges and Sleep Lounges, Airport’s history museum, Shower rooms or currency exchange are also available here.

There are also hotels right at the airport, some of which are at the airside so no need to step out the transit zone during long layovers.

Currently, the only direct flights from the UK (Heathrow) to Moscow SVO are offered by Aeroflot (up to 4 hours flight time) with fares over £150. Flights with other airlines and 1 layover within a similar price range take usually around 7-8 hours.

The airport is open 24/7.

Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport Transit

There are 4 terminals for regular passengers. While terminals D, E and F are being located together at one side of the airport, terminal B (domestic flights) is separate from them at the other side of the runway. It is connected with terminal D with a free, automatic shuttle train departing every 5 minutes. (the total journey from B to D takes about 30 minutes). You do not need visa if you are transiting onto the next flight which is on the same ticket, with your baggage checked-in to the final destination. The minimum transit time between connecting flights with Aeroflot is between 1 hour and 1 hour 30 minutes depending on arrival and departure terminals and international x domestic flights. See detailed info on Aeroflot website with a detailed guide of transfers here.

Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport Transfer


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23 °C Local weather
Free unlimited connection available WiFi Availability
Several options available. Terminal B, D, E, F on Floor 1 and Aeroexpress on Floor 2, all in the common area, in terminal D also in Arrivals hall for int. flights. Open 24/7. Price 500 RUB(~£6)/24 hours, 250 RUB after 2 days. Left Baggage