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Seoul Incheon Airport

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South Korea

Seoul Incheon Airport belongs among 20 busiest airports in the world (50 million passengers annually) and is one of the best (based on services) by the Skytrax awards.

There are many activities to do while waiting in Seoul Airport such as playing golf, relaxing in a spa, sport in an ice rink or just visit a music hall, museum, casinos and gardens. There are also many dining and shopping possibilities.

There are also free showers available for all passengers.

The airport with 2 terminals is located 50km west from the capital city of Korea and it is a hub to Korean Air and Asiana Airlines.

Currently, the only direct flights are offered by Asiana Airlines, Korean Air and British Airways from London Heathrow with an average 11 hours flight time. From airports in other cities, such as Manchester airport all major airlines fly to Seoul with 1 layover with flight time starting at 13.5 hours.

The airport is open 24/7.

Seoul Incheon Airport Transit

To change the terminal, use a free shuttle bus running between Terminal 1 Floor 3 (Center exit 8) and Terminal 2 Floor 3 (between exit 4&5). The shuttle departs in a 5-minute interval with the journey taking approx. 15 min. (T1->T2) and 18 min (T2->T1). There is also Airport Express train going to Seoul Central station, stopping at both Terminals - for a fare of [exchange currency="KRW" price="900"]. You have to go through Security Check for transfer, as for regular departure. If you do not hold a boarding pass for your next flight you must visit Transfer desk upon arrival to your departure terminal. Watch the official video on youtube for guided instruction on how to change terminals. Make sure you got at least 50 minutes window for a comfortable transit.

Seoul Incheon Airport Transfer


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Available at the public area of main passenger terminals. Level 3F, near Check-in M and Level 3F, near Check-in A. Prices range between £4 - £8 per 24 hours. Left Baggage