Dubai Airport

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Dubai Airport DXB is the largest and one of the busiest airports in the world. It is home to the national carriers Emirates and flydubai.

The airport with 3 fully used Terminals is located approximately 13km from Dubai city centre with the direct metro line.

The airport is very large, modern and well navigated and with an extreme amount of duty-free, restaurants, luxury shops, kid zones, relax areas, lounges might sometimes resemble a little town. DXB handles roughly about 90 million passengers a year.

The airport is open 24/7.

Dubai Airport Transit

There are 3 terminals in Dubai International Airport, with Terminal 3 being used exclusively by Emirates airline and Qantas, Terminal 1 for all other large airlines and terminal 2 is a hub for Dubai's flydubai airline. The airport is well navigated and staff will always point you in the right direction, including direct bus transfers from plane to gate of your next flight in case of delay on your first leg. You will most likely use an automatic train shuttle within the Terminal 3 to transfer between 3 airport's concourses A, B and C . The train departs every few minutes. In a need of transfer into a different terminal, there are free shuttle buses available within the transit zone. Allow at least 2 hours for comfortable and guaranteed transfer as the airport gets really busy during the day (planes often wait for even more than half-hour just to get a landing clearance)  

Having a long layover in Dubai Airport? Visit the city!

Shall your layover take at least 7 hours, you may be eligible for a short tourist visa (depending on your nationality) and visit the famous Dubai city. There is a direct metro train from the airport to Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa. During night layover you may use one of the many taxis right outside the airport for about [exchange currency="AED" price="60"]. To get back to the airport, it is possible to catch a taxi by the road by only waving your hand.

Dubai Airport Transfer


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Free unlimited connection available WiFi Availability
Available in both Terminal 1 and 3. The fee for baggage storage is about 25AED for 12 hours. Left Baggage