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Goa Dabolim Airport

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Goa Airport, sometimes called after nearby town ‘Dabolim Airport’ is located in the smallest Indian state and former Portuguese colony Goa, approximately 26km from capital Panaji.

There is a domestic and international zones in the modern, spacious airport with Arrivals and Check-in at the ground floor, security booths, customs and immigration at the first floor and Departures at the second floor.

There are multiple shopping and dining possibilities, with ATM’s, Spa, Smoking Areas and more.

TUI Airways is the only airline flying direct on the charter route from London Gatwick to Goa – bookable only via their website. (8 and 11 hours journey)

Other large airlines such as Qatar airways or Oman Air are flying to Goa from the UK’s major international airports with only 1 layover. The journey will take a minimum of 12 hours, depending on the duration of your layover.

The airport is open 24/7.

Goa Dabolim Airport Transit

Goa airport is a point-to-point airport and there are no flight connections here as it is mostly used as a holidaymaker's destination. Shall you need to get another flight from here, it is necessary to leave the international zone and check-in again.  

Goa Dabolim Airport Transfer


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