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Helsinki – Vantaa Airport

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Helsinki – Vantaa Airport, located in town Vantaa, approximately 20km north from Helsinki. It is the largest Finish airport and a hub to national airlines FinnAir often used as a connection point for cheap flights from the UK to South-East Asia.

The airports offer multiple dining, shopping and lounging options.

Airlines operating direct flights from the UK: FinnAir

With 1 stop: Easyjet, SAS Airlines, KLM

The airport is open 24/7.

Helsinki – Vantaa Airport Transit

Helsinki airport is very often used connection hub for flights to Asia, thanks to its national airlines FinnAir. There are 2 terminals at the airport, with an approximate 15 minutes walking distance. Most of the transits will be done within the same terminal, however, they both may get quite busy during peak times. Recommended transit time is at least 40 minutes - make sure it is guaranteed by the airline.

Helsinki – Vantaa Airport Transfer


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17:23 Local time
18 °C Local weather
Free unlimited connection available WiFi Availability
Lockers in both T1 and T2 - ground floor. Open 24/7. 5 - 6€ per day depending on the size of your luggage Left Baggage