Pisa shuttle

Airport – Pisa Central Station (train)

The airport is connected with the city of Pisa by train, called ‘People mover’. The Pisa Airport is about 1 km from Pisa Centrale railway station, from which you can reach any Italian railway network destination.

The new, high-speed, fully automatic train departures from a station 40 meters from the Pisa Airport’s terminal every day from 6:53 – to 21:03 – from the airport (6:38-22:02 – from central station) at 10 minutes intervals.

The journey to the train station takes about 5 minutes.

Single ticket (only second class)
1.1 EURcurrently £0.99
Purchase tickets at Pisa Airport or Pisa Central station's ticket vending machines.

Airport – Pisa city centre (bus)

There is a local bus connection from near the airport to the city centre.

The bus does not depart directly from the terminal. From the terminal go left, around Pisa mover train stop, towards the motorway. Walk under the roundabout. Approximately after 50 minutes, there is a bus stop for a green ‘LAM line’.

Buses depart every 10-20 minutes.

See the route and timetables on their website.

Single ticket
1.5 EURcurrently £1.35
Tickets can be purchased on board (without surcharge) or at the Automatic Ticket Machines and do not require validation.

Airport – Pisa central station (taxi)

Taxis (white/red cars CoTaPi Radiotaxi Pisa) are not overpriced in this destination and offer a fixed rate to some parts of the town/far destinations.

Single ticket Airport - Train Central station
9 EURcurrently £8.11
Single ticket Airport - Pisa Mannin square/Duomo
12 EURcurrently £10.81
Complete pricelist here.

Airport – Florence (train)

The airport is connected with the city of Firenze by train, with an only stop in Pisa Central station.
Trains to this direction depart every 2 hours from 9:03 – 19:03 and from 7:00 – 19:00 in opposite direction.
The journey to the Firenze train station takes about 1 hour.

Single ticket (First class)
8.70 EURcurrently £7.84
Single ticket (Second class)
5.80 EURcurrently £5.23
Purchase tickets at Pisa Airport or Firenze Central station's ticket vending machines.

Airport – Florence, Lucca, Pietrasanta (bus)

There are multiple services running between the Pisa airport and Florence (Firenze station), Lucca and Pietrasanta.

The easiest way on journey to Florence is to book tickets with easyBus or AirportBusExpress

Single ticket
7.5 EURcurrently £6.76
Return tickets with AirportBusExpress are €3 cheaper.

There also buses from local bus operators:

Florence (Firenze station)

Single ticket
14 EURcurrently £12.61
Tickets bought online have boarding priority