London to Abu Dhabi (UAE) from £140 in a low-cost Autumn-Winter deal

This deal is more than a month old and might not be valid anymore.
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Abu Dhabi view

You can now buy a flight to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates for a bargain! It may not be a direct flight, but it’s sure it’s worth it.

The flight to Abu Dhabi (where there is still amazing 30°C even in November) is operated by low-cost airlines with 1 layover.

The flights are available from the beginning of November 2020 – beginning of December.

You can book the flights accordingly:

12/11/2020 To Abu Dhabi: 

20/11/2020 Return to London

  • Pegasus Airlines with a layover in Istanbul – S. Gokcen airport (from £119)

Example dates with similar prices are:

  • 12/11/20 – 18/11/20
  • 12/11/20 – 20/11/20
  • 17/11/20 – 02/11/20
  • 21/11/20 – 02/12/20
  • 21/11/20 – 06/12/20

There seems to be a rule when the price changes depending on the nights you spent in Abu Dhabi (5, 9, 12, 14)

There is also an option for adventurous travellers from Manchester for £146 (bookable separately or via, however, with 2 layovers in Brussels, Bucharest and Berlin (on the return journey. See the screenshot of the deal here:

The prices are calculated in ‘low-cost’ mode, in the cheapest possible fare within the airline, often only with a cabin bag without checked luggage. Price may be higher if you decide for a higher fare/class or purchasing any extras.


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