Explore Marrakesh in North-West Africa from amazing £44 from September

This deal is more than a month old and might not be valid anymore.
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Marrakesh market

EasyJet has discounted some of its flights to Morrocco on September – October getting prices as much low as possible. As usual, there will be only a few seats available for this price, with the fare rising as more seats become taken.

There is standard cabin baggage included in the fare, with checked baggage (optional) for an extra charge (see our EasyJet guide for more details)

The flights from London take 3.5 hours and 15 minutes more from Manchester.

At the time of posting this deal, there are currently 2 weeks of mandatory quarantine upon arrival back to the UK from Morocco. This may, however, be changed within few days as/if the pandemic situation keeps improving. Keep checking the official travel-corridor list for updated information.


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