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EasyJet, a British multinational low-cost airline group, has carved out a significant presence in the aviation industry. With its headquarters at London Luton Airport, EasyJet offers both domestic and international services on 927 routes across more than 34 countries. This extensive network is managed through its affiliate airlines: EasyJet UK, EasyJet Switzerland, and EasyJet Europe.

As the largest airline in the United Kingdom, EasyJet has transformed air travel with its dedication to affordability. The airline’s fleet is uniformly configured with single-cabin Economy Class seating, ensuring a consistent passenger experience. Whether you’re planning a brief escape or a business journey, EasyJet simplifies air travel, making it accessible and uncomplicated.

EasyJet operates primarily from London Gatwick Airport, despite having its headquarters at London Luton Airport. It’s from Gatwick that the airline manages over 600 routes, making it a significant hub for the company’s operations.

The airline’s services are not limited to domestic flights. They extend internationally, reaching more than 34 countries. This vast network is efficiently managed through its affiliate airlines, which include EasyJet UK, EasyJet Switzerland, and EasyJet Europe.

Known for its operational excellence and efficiency, EasyJet ensures a safe and reliable journey for its passengers. It offers a range of flight options to meet the diverse needs of travellers. These include daily flights and seasonal routes, making it a preferred choice for many.

Does EasyJet offer in-flight entertainment?

While EasyJet has not traditionally provided in-flight entertainment, they have recently begun a trial of a new system called ‘Air Time’. This system, developed in collaboration with Rakuten and Immfly, offers a variety of entertainment options suitable for short-haul flights. Passengers can enjoy TV shows, films, children’s entertainment, games, and audiobooks on their own devices.

The ‘Air Time’ portal can be accessed via the user’s device browser by connecting to the onboard wireless network while in flight mode. Initially, ‘Air Time’ will be available on five EasyJet Swiss aircraft as part of a trial. If successful, it should be rolled out across EasyJet’s fleet of 279 Airbus A320 aircraft.

What fleet does EasyJet have?

EasyJet, known for operating one of the industry’s youngest fleets, boasts a variety of Airbus aircraft. As of the end of 2023, the fleet includes 126 Airbus A319s, 168 Airbus A320s, 20 Airbus A320neos, and 4 Airbus A321neos.

According to the company, these aircraft (A320neo) are equipped with CFM LEAP-1A engines and wingtip ‘Sharklets’, making them 15% more fuel-efficient than their predecessors.

easyJet Baggage Allowance

Baggage allowances may vary according to route and cabin class; always check during your booking process.

Cabin Baggage

Max Weight:

15kg max.

Max dimensions:

45 x 36 x 20 cm (strictly)

56 x 45 x 25 (for Flexi ticker holder and easyJet Plus members)

  • Other small baggage such as a woman’s purse as an addition to your cabin bag is not allowed

Travelling with infants:

  • a small 36x45x20 cm baby bag is allowed for infants on lap
  • if the baby has their own seat, you can also bring a larger 45x36x20 cm cabin bag
  • you can also bring up to 2 of these items for free as part of your bag allowance: travel cots, pushchair, double pushchair, buggy, car seat, booster seat, collapsible pram or baby carrier

Checked Baggage

Max Weight:

15kg, 23kg – up to 32kg

Max dimensions:

275 cm (L+W+H combined)

Cheapest when bought during flight ticket reservation

Hold Baggage Fees

15kg - £6.99 
23 kg -  £9.49 (£40 - at bag drop desk)
23 upto 32 kg -  £15 per 3kg

Other Baggage

Pushchairs are transported free of charge.

Pet transport is not allowed


Airport check-in

  • Open 2 hours – 40 minutes before the scheduled flight
  • For flights to Israel check-in opens 3 hours before the scheduled flight
  • For flights from Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Marocco and Serbia open 3 hours – 60 minutes before the scheduled flight

Online & Mobile check-in

Open 30 days – 2 hours before the scheduled flight

Get the App on

Seat Selection

Easyjet uses a random seat selection system, which may not allocate seats together with other passengers on your flight ticket booking.

It is recommended to select seats during booking the flight.

Seat fees
First row (extra legroom) - £12.99 - £29.99​
Upfront / Overwing - £7.99 - £24.99​
Other seats - £0.99 - £8.99​

On board service

Inflight meals

Drinks and snacks are available for an extra charge

Inflight entertainment

Not Available

Onboard WiFi

Not Available

Power supply

Not Available

Airline extras

I missed my flight with EasyJet, can I fly on the next available flight?

Yes! EasyJet has this very convenient option, if you miss your scheduled flight, you can get yourself a seat on the next available flight. All you have to do is go to an EasyJet desk at your airport and pay a £110 ‘Rescue fee’ (per passenger).


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