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Essaouira Airport

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Essaouira Mogador Airport, located in the Marrakesh-Safi region of Morocco, is the closest airport to Essaouira, just about 15 kilometres away. This proximity makes it a handy entry point for those coming in to explore Essaouira, especially for visitors from Europe.

Despite its smaller size compared to larger airports like Marrakech or Casablanca, Essaouira Mogador Airport has a relaxed atmosphere. There are only a handful of airlines operating from the airport such as Transavia France, Ryanair, Air Arabia Maroc and Royal Air Maroc.

When it comes to activity, Essaouira Mogador Airport is less bustling than some of the larger airports. For those looking to get to the city centre, there’s a bus service, the No 2 Lima bus, that runs between the airport and the city. Additionally, taxis are readily available at the airport, waiting to whisk you away to your destination.

Essaouira Airport is well-equipped with a variety of facilities to ensure a comfortable experience for its passengers. It features an ATM for quick cash withdrawals, clean toilets for convenience, a duty-free shop and cosy cafés where passengers can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee while waiting for their flights.

Essaouira Mogador Airport plays a pivotal role in the local economy, primarily through tourism. It serves both domestic and international flights, making it a crucial gateway for visitors to the Essaouira region.

Essaouira Airport Transit

There are no connecting flights at this airport.

Essaouira Airport Transfer


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