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Cairo Airport

Egypt flag

Cairo Airport is the largest Egyptian airport, 19km east from the city centre of Cairo. The modern terminal 3 is used as a hub to national airline EgyptAir and it is also being used by other Star Alliance airlines.

There are multiple flights to Cairo Airport from Europe, the Middle East and the UK.

Follow signs to purchase Egyptian Visa before immigration checks.

Airlines operating direct flights from the UK: EgyptAirBritish Airways, with 1 stop, for example, Aegean Airlines

The airport is open 24/7.

Cairo Airport Transit

There are 3 terminals at the Cairo Airport with free shuttle buses running between them. It is necessary to leave the transit zone anytime you need to change terminal, therefore check your flights to allow enough time for your transfer. You do not need Egyptian Visa to transfers within one terminal (mostly Terminal 3), with a recommended transfer time of at least 60 minutes. Shall you need to change terminals to get to your connecting flight, allow at least 2.5 hours for your transfer.

Cairo Airport Transfer


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15:37 Local time
38 °C Local weather
Free for 30 minutes in all terminals. Plunging speed. WiFi Availability
Not Available Left Baggage