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Sharm El Sheikh International Airport, often referred to as SSH, is a key airport located in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. It’s positioned on the Sinai Peninsula, about 18 kilometres to the northeast of the city of Sharm El Sheikh. Among Egypt’s airports, it ranks as the third busiest, following Cairo International Airport and Hurghada International Airport.

This airport is a major access point to Egypt’s renowned Red Sea coast. It’s situated right in the centre of the resort area near the Red Sea coast, making it pivotal in bolstering the tourism industry in the South Sinai region. Given its strategic location and connections to various international destinations, the airport serves as an essential hub for Egypt’s tourism sector.

Sharm El Sheikh International Airport comprises two passenger terminals. Terminal 1, which is the newer of the two, was inaugurated in 2007 and handles most of the flights. Terminal 2 is primarily used for domestic flights. Both terminals are well-equipped with parking spaces, public transport stations, and taxi stands.

Travellers at the airport can avail of a wide array of facilities. These include eateries and food outlets, retail stores for shopping, Wi-Fi access, a lost and found service, facilities for baby care, and currency exchange services. The airport also features snack bars and cafeterias, duty-free shops, tourist shops that sell local products and folk art, several ATMs, a fully-equipped medical centre, and a lost luggage office.

Currently, only EasyJet operates direct flights to Sharm El Sheikh from London Gatwick, Manchester and Birmingham and a few flights from Bristol while airlines with 1 stop routes from the UK are for instance Turkish Airlines, EgyptAir and Pegasus.

Sharm el-Sheikh Airport Transit

Sharm el-Sheikh Airport is used mainly as a holidaymakers' final destination, therefore there are no connecting flights at this airport.

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