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Bridgetown Airport, officially known as Grantley Adams International Airport, is situated in Seawell, Christ Church, Barbados. It’s not in the capital city, Bridgetown, as some sources might suggest, but it’s conveniently located just 12.9 km (8.0 mi) away. You’ll find it in the southeastern part of the Christ Church parish, near the island’s southernmost point.

This airport is a significant hub for tourism in the region. It’s the only air entry point into the country and serves as a major gateway to the Eastern Caribbean. It offers direct flights to various locations in the United States, Canada, Central America, and Europe. In 2016, it ranked as the eighth busiest airport in the Caribbean and the third busiest in the Lesser Antilles. If you’re a cruise ship passenger arriving or departing from the Port of Bridgetown, this airport is your key air link.

The airport has recently seen a significant upgrade and expansion, thanks to a multi-phase US$100 million government project. This project added a new arrivals hall next to the existing arrivals and departures terminals. The airport now has two passenger terminals – the Arrivals Terminal and the Departures Terminal. These terminals operate round the clock 24/7 and are connected by a covered walkway, ensuring a smooth transition for passengers.

It is also a hub for domestic airline LIAT.

Grantley Adams Bridgetown Airport Transit

When it comes to layover times at Bridgetown Airport, a minimum of 90 minutes is usually recommended to navigate through the airport and locate your next gate. However, most travellers find that a layover of 2 to 3 hours is more comfortable due to possible long queues on international connections. This gives you enough time to explore the airport, shop, grab a bite to eat, freshen up, and prepare for your onward journey.

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