Cairo shuttle

Airport – City centre (bus)

Buses in Egypt are a very low-cost option to travel, sometimes it may be even quite adventurous. Most of the people, including drivers don’t speak English. Commuter buses going to the city are departing only from Cairo bus terminal. 

There is a free blue airport shuttle bus to the terminal, then change to the bus.

Get bus line 356 going towards the City’s central area, Egyptian museum or Tahrir square.

One way
2 EGPcurrently £0.10

Airport (limousine service)

So-called limousine service is an alternative to a local taxis and very popular means of transport in Cairo Airport.

In a kiosk at the airport, you choose and book a car, receive a ticket with price depending on the type of car you chose and destination you are going to. The price is payable to the driver after finishing the ride.

Fares depend on your haggling skills, usually up to

200 EGPcurrently £9.94
, depending on handling skills.

Always agree on a fare with the driver prior to your trip.

Airport (taxi)

There are many taxis right outside of the terminal with many guys chaotically welcoming you to use their services. It may be hard and confusing for inexperienced travellers to haggle good price with them.

There is a UBER service allowed to go to the airport which might be the most convenient option to most.

Fares depending or current traffic are around

130 EGPcurrently £6.46