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Located on Samos Island in Greece, Samos International Airport, also known as Aristarchos, is named after the famous ancient astronomer and mathematician, Aristarchos of Samos. The airport is conveniently situated within 5 km of the town of Pythagorio. It first began operations in May 1976 and underwent renovations in the late 1990s and early 2000s to cater to an increase in passenger numbers.

The airport infrastructure includes a single short runway and a terminal building. The terminal spans across two floors with five boarding gates, none of which have jet bridges. Passengers can take the opportunity to spend some time in facilities such as a duty-free shop or at a small café. The airport’s location, with mountains and sea close to the end of the short runway, requires precision from pilots during landing and takeoff.

Samos International Airport is a key player in the local tourism industry on Samos Island. It handles both domestic and international flights, making it an essential entry point for tourists visiting Samos. Its proximity to the town of Pythagorio allows easy access to the island’s attractions, thereby fostering the growth and development of local tourism.

The only airline operating direct flights from the UK is currently TUI Airways (from London Gatwick only).

The airport is open according to the actual flight schedule.

Samos Airport Transit

Samos Airport (SMI) is used mainly as a holidaymakers’ final destination, therefore there are no connections at this airport.

Samos Airport Transfer


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